Monday, August 31, 2009

You Have To Start Somewhere

Yesterday, 8/30/09, I created this blog as a way of sharing, organizing and hopefully expanding my knowledge of my Halter ancestors. Much of the information I have comes from the research of others. Discussions of the more recent history of Ohio Halters will have more of my own recollections.

The map below shows the area around the neighboring villages of Schirrhein and Schirrhoffen. This is the starting point for Ludwig Halter when he immigrated to Ohio around 1832, with his wife, son, daughter-in-law and grandson. Depending on the fortunes of war, these villages were at times Germ
an and at other times French. My relatives arrived in Ohio as Germans. Today, the villages are part of France.

Future posts will include more specific information about the early Halters. I also have a number of photographs from the 1920's to today that will be part of these posts.

If you have any information that you think might be relevant to my family history, please share it with me.


  1. Great idea Dad! I look forward to learning a thing or two about the Halters from the old days.

  2. Mike...who gets first dibs on naming our son Ludwig??

  3. Ludwig von Halter...I like it.

  4. Doh...I shouldn't have brought it up...