Thursday, September 3, 2009

St. Nicholas Church

Here is a picture of St. Nicholas Church, in Schirrhein. It serves Shirrhein and the nearby village of Schirrhoffen. This is the "new" church. The original one was destroyed in 1945 during the liberation of France. The area is predominately Catholic, but had a strong Jewish population until about 1900.

When some of the Halters moved from Ohio to Scott County, Missouri in the 1840's, they built a church there that was modeled after the one that they had left behind in Alsace.


  1. I have a Magdalena Halter (Abt 1746 - 1816) who was married to Mathias Lauber. And her parents were apparently Michael Halter & Catherine Schott.

    Her son, Joseph Lauber married the daughter of the next Halter I will mention...

    I have a Barbe/Barbara Halter who was married to Joseph Schott. They were the parents of Maria Johanna Schott (1788 - 1841).

    Maria Johanna Schott married Joseph Lauber May 20, 1806 at St. Nicholas Church.