Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Data

Here is the text of an email that I received recently from Francine Conn Halter who lives in Missouri.

Bill, I received your email saying that you believe we are related. For lots of years I've been hunting for a Halter from Stark Co., OH who would communicate with me about our Halters -- some of whom came from Alsace to Stark Co., OH. I had heard that some of our Halters stayed in Stark Co., while others moved westward to Scott Co., MO and elsewhere.
I feel sure our Halters are related -- it's just a matter of how.
My Halter file has the Joseph Halter who married Elizabeth Duerr as son of Joseph Halter & wife Alphia who married abt 1828.
I have no Joseph listed as a son for Joseph Halter & Marie Anna Lang.
Do you have any primary sources (Bible? Church records? etc) to prove that Joseph who married Duerr is the son of Joseph who married Marie Anna Lang?
Our direct Halter line is this:
1 Louis/Ludwig Halter 1740-1800 m. Marguerite Eck 1740-1800
2 Louis Halter 1765 – m. Madeline Royer 1769 -
3 Mathias Halter 1807 – 1873 m. Theresa Mary Marz 1812 - 1865
4 Louis Halter 1843 – 1883 m. Mary Elizabeth Lindeman 1849 - 1934
5 Michael Henry Halter 1872 – 1970 m1st Mary Ethel Carlisle (mother of children) 1880 – 1937
6 Norbert Louis Halter 1923 – m. Margaret Elizabeth Boyd 1924 - 1982
7 Philip Michael Halter 1948 – m. Linda Francine Conn 1949 –
Talk to you soon.
Francine Conn Halter
Charleston, Mississippi Co., MO
(next door to Scott Co., MO)

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